Kito-Z medicated shampoo is an over the counter OTC medicated shampoo and body wash with octipirox (anti redness), triclosan (anti bacterial) and climbazole (anti fungal).

Kito-Z medicated shampoo also has zinc pyrithione (anti inflammatory) that has a synergic effect in combination with the octipirox (anti redness), triclosan (anti bacterial) and climbazole (anti fungal) ingredients. A lot of skin infections are not only caused by fungi but are mainly mixed infections with both fungi and bacteria.

Prevention of skin infections is best with a medicated shampoo like Kito-Z OTC that both has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. In some cases the cause of redness may be because of an allergy and not because of an infection. In these case octipirox is the best ingredient to combine with triclosan and climbazole to have a complete medicated shampoo.




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